Fresh and New

The book Work Hard. Be Nice. by Jay Mathews is an inspiration… oh, and its a New York Times bestseller…

Take a breath.  Then, smile.  This is going to be an amazing year.  I’m a big fan of positive discipline; that is, rewarding good behavior and not paying attention to the bad – therefore – I tend to shy away from the notion of the new year’s resolution.  Instead – I like to set goals for myself…

So think about it – what is it that you’re going to do this year that you’ve always wanted to do?  And don’t get caught up in thinking that it needs to be a trip or an experience; it could be a mind-set or a feeling.  You owe it to yourself to appreciate the small things in life.  Believe that you are able to live the life you want and deserve.  Me?  Well, in my experience, these kinds of things are much more successful when you keep them to yourself…  : )


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