Get those troops in order!

Favorite. Room. In. The. House.

If you want to feel like you have your life together, like you are in charge of your destiny and you want to feel a confidence that lifts you up to brave endeavors – get your closet in order.  Knowing this, we spent some dough having our closet built to our specifications and it was worth EVERY PENNY.  But if you don’t have a lump of cash lying around for a professional to do the job – do it yourself!  Simply grouping your clothing by color can have a marvelous effect.  Pretend that you are setting up a store in your closet and this is all the new inventory.  (I’ve often thought about putting tags on my hangers with prices to make my clothes feel new… weird?  Maybe…)  You can stack nice shoe boxes on their sides to allow for display of heels and flashy sneakers.  Oh – and try to squeeze a mirror in there… its a nice effect.

But nevertheless – when your troops are in order – you will feel ready for battle.  And a little proud… : )


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