Sitting on a bed of peonies…

It doesn’t get much more feminine than this.  All I want to do is sit on this tuft of peonies in a beautiful white dress.  I stumbled across this chair used as a display at Macys Herald Square last summer.  We were (I was) dying to do something like this for our wedding, but this was one of those things that didn’t end up happening.  This chair would make a beautiful throne for a bride at a bridal shower.  You could use a high-backed leather chair as the groom’s throne and this as the bride’s for a wedding.  Even done for a little girl’s bedroom for story time or for the head of the table at a garden tea party.  Divine!

Why stop with a chair?  Why not do a headboard in faux beauties?  Cover a wall in them?  Ooooh – the top of a dresser, a bathroom backsplash!  Someone daring and fabulous do some magic and send us a snap shot!  : )


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