A Better Life

I was introduced to the Better Life products in a feature of Real Simple magazine.  Their “Take it for Granite” was voted best for stone and their “Simply Floored” was chosen as the best all-surface floor cleaner.  I had to give them a try to I ordered a set of products from their website.  They arrived yesterday and I couldn’t wait to give them a try.  Here’s the scoop:

To be honest, Pledge had always been my go-to wood cleaner, but ever since they updated their product to a multi-surface cleaner, I find the cleaner to be too watery.  Oak-y Dokey did a nice job on my coffee table.  It had a great spray range and smelled neutrally fresh.

Then, it was time for the oven!  I used “Even the Kitchen Sink” formula.  This works like any glass-top cleaner where you shake, squirt, scrub and rinse.  I was amazed at how it cut through grease.  All in all, I was very impressed and would recommend it for inside the oven, glass cook tops and stainless steel sinks.

But my favorite by far is the “what-EVER” all purpose spray.  This is a magical product.  I used it on my white front door and it polished up like a shining beacon of new-ness.  Then I tackled the wall that suffers contact with trendy inky jeans when friends and family use our kitchen stools.  What started out as a blue stained mess ended up looking freshly painted.

If you’re looking for a team of household cleaners that are environmentally friendly, not to mention safe for children, this is your product!  Invented by two dads that were looking for a safe way to clean up this crazy world of ours, they are sulfate free, biodegradable and are free of dyes.  Thanks Better Life!


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