Homemade Birthdays

Jessica’s little kid birthdays were very homemade.  She had at home, homemade birthdays with homemade cakes and homemade presents.  One year, her dad built her a homemade dollhouse from bits of wood that he had collected in the basement.  He worked on it for weeks and weeks downstairs.  Jessica never knew because she was too afraid to go down into the basement, too many spiders.

There was always cheerful singing and the opening of the presents while she was surrounded by all of her best friends.  She would always wear a special birthday dress; those were not homemade but bought from a special store in town.  She would wear her handmade bracelets made from braided stings and collected beads and charms.  Jessica’s friends would gather around the oval dining draped with her mother’s old lace tablecloth and eat big slices of homemade cake off of floppy paper plates.  Jessica would make homemade nametags for everybody with her favorite crayons and markers.  They would all eat cake and laugh big laughs with frosting in their gums.

Her mom and dad would plan homemade games for the children.  Once, they hung plain brown doughnuts from the ceiling on ivory strings, just long enough to touch the tips of our noses.  The children would stand on their tiptoes, all in a row, chomping at the doughnut with their little kid teeth and their little kid hands clasped tightly behind our backs.  The first person done would win and then they would all grab their doughnuts with their fingers and gobble the remaining pieces all up.

At the end of the night, it was into bed with a super-tuck from dad and a kiss from mom on the forehead as she whispered, “Happy birthday my sweet girl.”  Jessica would pull the covers up tight under her chin, close her eyes and smile.  On homemade birthdays, she knew she was loved.


3 thoughts on “Homemade Birthdays

  1. I feel like this could easily become a beloved children’s book, Jessica! What a remarkable way to reflect on a favorite childhood memory. I found myself emotional towards the end, for your story had me recalling the innocence of childhood and all of its joys. A job well done!

  2. This post could easily become a beloved children’s book, Jessica! What a great way to remember a special moment. You certainly had my emotions in full swing towards the end as I began to recall the sweet innocence of childhood. Your use of imagery was perfect and is certain to have all readers recollecting those treasured memories from the past.

  3. I agree, This is the see for SO much more! I found myself compelled to read it again and regale in the repetitive phrases and and love in the word “homemade.” So often, people equate homemade with a somewhat negative connotation; however, it really is a powerful word suggesting made with love more often than not. Thank you for sharing this slice of your life AND you very wonderful visual ladel blog!

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