I’m sailing!


Okay so this is my little brother.  And it was in this moment that I was reminded of how awesome he is and how close we have always been and will always be.  One of our favorite movies is What About Bob, obviously – Bill Murray is my hero. (omg I need to write an entire post about Bill Murray…) (focus. focus.)  So I wasn’t surprised when I got a text from Max last night saying “watching what about bob in my room and thinking of you!”.  Awesome.  I was instantly jealous that he was spending time with Gil and Fay and Ziggy and Anna – ugh and Dr. Leo Marvin!  And then later, as I was scrolling through some pictures from our latest jaunt to Florida I saw this little gem during which little Max baby-stepped himself out around the edge of this boat something-or-other, butt out, just because he wanted to be fun and mostly because he can’t help being extremely awesome all the time.  So yea, this is Max.  And I love him, obviously.


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