Treasure mail.

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Most people hate their junk mail.  And I totally do too, but there is some junk mail that I love.  Well, to me it isn’t junk, but I think that most people I know would classify it as junk.  I’m talking about catalogs.  And no, not all of the hideous catalogs that are mass produced and sent to “current resident” (which I find to be extremely rude – “yea okay, so we don’t know who you are and frankly we don’t care but we’ve decided that we’re going to keep sending you this until you buy some of this stuff here, see, this stuff, so buy our stuff, k thanks!” – jerks.)  No, no, no – I’m talking about the catalogs that I sometimes can’t believe are free.  Namely Serena & Lily, West Elm, CB2, Land of Nod, and Urban Outfitters; treasures.  To me, these are like books, art, poetry!  Like a story I have never read before with the most beautiful illustrations.  When these show up in the pile of unsorted mail, I always get excited, and no, not weird crazy, “Oh my god! My catalogs are here!” excited, but more like a little tingle of a secret smile inside my body excited.  Then, they get sorted away from the rudely unaddressed mail (scoundrels) and set aside to sit patiently until those special ten waiting minutes come about, you know, like after the apartment is clean and before the laundry is done, or after the dinner is made and before the husband gets home.

Then, I carefully select one, find a nice little place to sit and begin to flip (and sometimes sharpie and sometimes clip) and imagine what my life could be like in rooms like these, or clothes like these.   I am not going to lie to you and say that I don’t buy clothes and furniture and gorgeous sheets from these catalogs, because I totally do, but this is not about shopping.  This is about getting happy about the little things in life.  I like to think of it as free happiness.  You just have to open your mailbox.


2 thoughts on “Treasure mail.

  1. I too get excited when I see the Lands End or Country Curtain “books” arrive in the mail. I usually “save” them for when I have a cup of tea and time to enjoy them – as you noted – they are like treasured friends who send me status updates!

  2. I’m the same way! I love going through magazines and circling all the things I dream of owning (even though I never actually call up and order). It’s something about having something real in front of you and not looking at a computer screen!

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