Should I buy one of two?  Why does ink have to be so ridiculously expensive?  The florescent lights in this store are hideous.  Ink is literally the tiniest amount of liquid that I have ever seen for sale.  They should make printers that have have a small water source and then use powder or something cool that is cheaper and more impressive than a little plastic box of $40 food coloring.  Oh – and why does there have to be an entire wall of this stuff?  Do they think that by packaging tiny items in a huge boxes that we will feel better about spending hundreds of dollars on this stuff?  Okay, okay, should I get one or two?  When is the next time I will be back here?  Do we have any left over at the house?  Ugh – this place is such a money pit.  Ah what the hell – I’ll get two.

I headed up to the register with my two ink cartons (which each include the four inks necessary to produce the magic that is printed sheets of whatever I decide) and hand the guy my teacher card.  Of course I also bought out most of their highlighters, some awesome Martha Stewart labels and several reams of neon paper (that I couldn’t not buy).  As he scanned each of my items I told myself that all of this stuff is totally worth the money because I, since I was a child, have had some sort of obsession with office supplies and buying them, for me, is like an artist buying paints or a soccer player buying, like, soccer balls?  Or, those little wrist bands – I’m not really a sports person.

“Oh, and you get a free $15 iTunes gift card.”

“I do?”

He scanned the card and handed it to me.

“Yea, if you buy over $75 worth of ink – it was in the flyer.”

“Oh!  Really?  That’s, actually that’s super awesome.  Uh, thanks.”

A look of bewildered happiness took over my face until I got out to the car.

And it was super awesome.

So… when in doubt, buy it.? (not sure if this will become a thing but I’m just saying that it worked out this one time…)


14 thoughts on “ink.

  1. I think we might be related. I find the office supply store both enchanting and maddening at the same time! But there’s so much good stuff in there. My weakness is pens…lots and lots of pens.

  2. I think you will find that many teachers have an obsession with school/office supplies. Yes, the ink is ridiculously expensive. Thanks for pointing out it’s actually expensive food coloring. I never thought of it that way before. Nice score on the iTunes card.

  3. I am RETIRED and I STILL want to buy office supplies! I don’t like spending the money, but I love having them! I used to say that’s why I went into teaching, so I could use colored paper and scissors and glue and markers and staplers….the list goes on….and now I want to go to Staples….

  4. Welcome and I can totally relate. There is just something about those office supply stores (especially Staples). Ink is just food coloring – too bad we can’t make out own. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you – you are such a supportive crowd! I feel so loved. And I feel like somebody out there knows how to make ink… anyone?

  5. Oh, the lure of office supplies. What is it with them?! Great score with the iTunes card… happy surprise, which hardly EVER happens at a cash register! Happy slicing!

  6. Ohhh! Office supplies, I love them! And good quality paper! I hate buying ink. Thanks for making me smile as I dread the next time one runs out. Welcome. Have fun slicing.

  7. Bonus! I’m loving office supplies too. What is this obsession? Were we deprived as kids?

    Welcome to the community! Happy writing this month and beyond!

  8. Jess I am in love with office supplies too! I think it must be hardwired into teachers….I’ve never met a teacher who wasn’t totally obsessed. Congrats on attempting the SOL…I had every intention, then forgot to write yesterday! OF COURSE.

    • haha oh no! well then it wasn’t meant to be for you this year. I am hoping that I can keep up the momentum – all of these awesome comments really help!

  9. yeah… supplies….highlighters….and YESTERDAY…I found those little rings that kids can put their sight word cards in neon colors…..I suspect I WAS MORE EXCITED than the kids will be….but WHO CARES…..there might just be a support group somewhere for people like us….but the obsession with “office supples” might just be part of “common denominator” if SOL bloggers!!!!!!1

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