Dear pillow,

Dear Pillow,

As I lay here in bed, head upon a strange lumpy understudy of a pillow, I miss your soft and plush exterior.  I wonder what you are thinking, left, all alone, in a strange vacation home, on a strange bed.  What will they do with you?  Will they try to get you back to me?  Or will you just blend into the cabin with all of the other pillows and become a part of that place.  Why did I have to bring you on the trip in the first place?  Why didn’t I just remember to pack you into the car along with all of our other stuff?  Why?!?!?!

You will be missed, dear pillow.  No Bed Bath and Beyond replacement can live up to your broken-in softness.  I wish you all the best.  May you be a comfort, a welcome surprise, to a needing guest of the cabin, who will lay their head down after a full day of skiing to a blissful pillow.  My pillow.                                                                                                             Love,




4 thoughts on “Dear pillow,

  1. Nice! I love “hearing” you talk to your beloved pillow! All can relate, I’m sure! What great voice in your writing, too!

  2. So sorry for your friend….I turn mine into fillers for stuffed animals…but they often have a long wait in the stage between regular use under the head and love in a stuffed animal!

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