Like a frenzy.

Teaching is like a frenzy. 

Constantly moving.

Constantly bending. 

Changing and trying and looking and checking. 

Trying and figuring and teaching and grouping. 

Chats in the hallway,

emails galore,

someone threw up,

redo the bulletin board. 

“How do you spell hairy?”

“Can I go to the bathroom?”

“Is this the right answer?”

“I love you Mrs. Rowe.”

No matter the frenzy, so quick and so wild. 

So nonstop and crazy, so tricky and icky. 

The children we work with make everything worth it. 

They need us and love us and learn from us,




13 thoughts on “Like a frenzy.

  1. That pretty much sums it up..except…add a few grad students who inspire you…and some powerpoints to prune…and some online classes to post…and the wonder if you will find time to make that doctor appointment…and the wonder if you will have time to match socks ever….and the joy you feel when they…any of them….”get it”…so “they” can pass it on…

  2. Your poem captures the day-to-day frenzy of teaching. Today the frenzy is frozen on pause as my students complete the writing portion of the state wide assessment. I’m not used to the silence that fills my room this morning.

  3. Tickled with how the rhyme came together and the throw up line… you capture those frenetic questions well too.

  4. The energy that it takes is unprecedented. You are always on. And every question is sincere and important to child behind it. If there ever were a way to measure the energy and heartbeats spent by teachers…

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