Over and under.

over and under the snow

I purchased Over and Under the Snow by Kate Messner recently from amazon (totally judging by its cover) and found Christopher Silas Neil’s illustrations to be charming and unique.  Don’t you love it when you get inspired!  So, I challenged my students to select two animals from the story, one from over and one from under the snow, and then write poems for each.  We then proceeded to get completely lost in the art.  Students began by sketching their animal with pencil on cardstock and then went over their lines with black sharpie.  Next, they used their Prang watercolor sets to fill them in.

over and under the snow   over and under the snow

Each student then painted a wash of color over a rectangle of cardstock that would later become the trees.  The next day, we created the backgrounds by painting a few lines of snow, a wink of a sky, and some kind of burrow for the under animal.  All that was left to do was assemble!  In three days time, we were left with a beautiful tribute to this lovely book.  I encourage you to read it.

Over and Under the Snow


5 thoughts on “Over and under.

  1. I love these projects. And I love water colors. I started a castle project on Monday with them, but as the flu came upon me they’ve sat unfinished all week. I hope to have the class back to them next week.

  2. THIS IS LOVELY! When your life slows down a bit and your don’t have grad school stuff due and there is no one asking for free inservice…..will you consider interior design Saturdays???? just wondering!

  3. Wrong comment in wrong spot…the last comment goes in the previous spot…here…I can only say WOW…what a great project based on a great book. I have become Messner fan in the past year….partly due to the TWT writing connection….she is great….great…as are you…

  4. Lol! Anita, you made me laugh with your misplaced comment! I imagined you wanting some kind of child-like nieve art in your home! Nothing wrong with that of course, but it makes more sense when matched with the paper post. Yes, Jessica! Interior design Saturdays! We need your ideas!

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