Rubber bunny.

bendable bunny

I am standing in line at CVS, patiently waiting.  It is rush hour here and everyone in town is at CVS.  What is everybody doing here?  Geez.  I sigh and look around – candy, Easter, candy, gift cards, gum, nail polish, roses?  God I love this place – everything you’d ever need.  You could probably, like, live here locked in for a really long time.  I glance down at the floor and out of the corner of my eye I see them.  Rubber bunnies.  A smile spreads across my face and I quickly look around.  Immediately I get this flashback to my childhood, my Easter basket, my mom.  I crouch down and take a quick snapshot of them on my phone – this will make a good blog post, I think.

Our memories are all around us, you just have to be patient.


5 thoughts on “Rubber bunny.

  1. I was hopeful that you would throw it in your cart. Every time I clean out my side desk drawer, I find my rubber Harry Potter! I love how memories are all around us!

  2. Don’t tell the E. Rabbit, but someone will be getting some of those this year. Since they were 2 for…I bought 2!!!
    I thought they were adorable too…and they reminded me….well of putting them in baskets for my own kids – they sure were not getting baskets full of candy like I got as a child!

  3. Ugh…this is so true! Things we see, hear, smell, feel…all bring back memories. Ending with your message, “Our memories are all around us, you just have to be patient.” is perfect.

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