Run. Hide. Fight.

Today we had a very scary, but very important security meeting at my elementary school.  One of the many roles that we, as teachers, play is our role of protector.  It is with confident guidance that our faculty learned important ways to keep our students safe in case of a number of types of emergency situations.  I grappled with whether or not to share such a serious link, because I like to write happier posts, however I felt that this was an important message that reminds us to be prepared.  Our presenter shared this video with us and although it takes place in an office building, it reiterates what steps to take in an emergency situation.  I hope we never have to take them.


5 thoughts on “Run. Hide. Fight.

  1. Just on the heels of the local drill. I always reassured teachers they would do their best to keep their students safe, whatever it took, just as the brave teachers in Newtown did. There were always serious questions, and often we had no real answers. Although it’s terrible to consider, we must.
    Thanks for your sharing, even though it was difficult.

  2. This video was shared with us by our principal. It’s very scary…we have been holding off on doing lockdown/shelter drills etc because so many of our kids (and staff!) are still shaken up about what happened in Newtown. It’s definitely important!

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