The best pan ever.

“This is the BEST pan that I have ever used in my life!”

“I will never use any other brand!”

“Fell in love with it the minute I used it – highly recommended”

How many of these are written by the company?

I clicked around and around, indecisive, unmotivated, mad that I had to buy a new frying pan.  Why it is that my pans decided to buckle up and become rounded on the bottom is beyond me.  Probably because I am a poor pan chooser.

Well, everyone who buys this pan clearly becomes a part of a pan cult that can’t stop raving about its nonstick surface and its dreamy handle.  “It’s like a dream.” Seriously?  You dream about your pan’s handle?

Okay, stop your wishy washy complaining and buy the damn pan!

“Thank you for your purchase.”

In 5-7 business days can you please check in with me to make sure I haven’t been abducted by the frying pan cult, thanks.


6 thoughts on “The best pan ever.

  1. Ok What is the pan? Seriously I don’t have time to shop and try bad pans So I have been waitiing to get a friend recommend for a good pan. Please reveal……

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