Golden eggs.


“You will each find one golden egg,” I envision myself saying to my class and seeing a glow of excitement in front of me.  Beats a traditional lesson, I think!

Making learning engaging is such an important aspect of teaching.  I have recently realized, with the help of some talented teachers, how easy this can be.  I have seen, first hand, teachers handing out Hawaiin leis to morning readers to make it a “party”, a teacher landing out mini animal erasers like it was her JOB to students answering questions correctly and have heard of teachers dancing in the hallway for fully read books. (Okay, in all honesty, all three of those examples are from my literacy professor, Dr. Ferreri, who is an inspiration).  It really doesn’t take much to take what you are already doing and turning it into something unexpected.  I don’t know about you, but have you noticed that bad behavior only arrives when your schedule is too predictable.  They’re bored!  (and you probably are too)

I know, who am I to say.  I’m just some new-ish teacher sitting at her desk late at night eating semi-sweet chocolate morsels by the handful and stuffing words into plastic golden eggs – but I think I’m on to something.

So this week we will go on a word hunt and then race to put a found word into one of the prefix categories that would work.  But I’m thinking that I will be getting MUCH more than my $.25/egg worth out of these babies.  Thank you Oriental Trading! (and Dr. Ferreri!)


4 thoughts on “Golden eggs.

  1. OMG as they would say on Twitter…in more ways than one! Thank you for the nicest complement a teacher can get, first. Second, you will NOT for a MINUTE believe what I just stuffed for some students I will be spending some time with tomorrow afternoon! Mine came from Walmart – clearance after the holiday last year – and they are perfect for my second graders who will soon be hatching eggs too!

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