Two for tea?


Why don’t you have a friend over for tea?  It’s not as complicated as it looks.  This is the time to break out your favorite dishes and teacups and to splurge on some golden flatware (I’m still drooling over this find which remind me of Giada’s).  Pick up some flowers from your local market and arrange them in a low vase.  Set the table by a window and use your real fabric-y napkins instead of the paper ones (I mean – we’re trying to class it up… right?)  If you don’t have dishes that make your heart swoon, now might be the time to go there!  I like to mix and match.  My canary yellow teacups and saucers are from Teavanna, small plates from Crate and Barrel (sadly, no longer available), and teapot from Target a million years ago – it literally was on clearance, missing a lid, and is borrowing a sugar bowl’s lid from an antique set given to me by a family member.  You deserve to have nice things, and there’s no reason to wait for life to pass you by before enjoying the satisfaction of eating a lightly dressed salad off of a golden fork.  It’s winning.

Your menu can be as simple as a bowl of fruit, a small simple salad and some bakery bought cookies!  Trust me, you can cut up some fruit, pour some bagged salad into a bowl, dress it and arrange some cookies on a platter.  I know you can do it!  You will enjoy the opportunity to sit down in a quiet house with yummy food, pretty styling and good company.  Tea is something that many of us use to take a beat and de-stress.  And with winter hanging on by its fingertips, I am certainly in need of a pause to reflect and enjoy life.


4 thoughts on “Two for tea?

  1. LOVE the photo – a tea party with the littles in my life is on my plans for the weekend….sugar cubes included! Perhaps I need a big person tea party too!

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