People who know what they’re doing.


“Is there anything else that I can get for you in this moment.” Pause, smile, “Enjoy.”  I have been to many restaurants in my day, and quite a few tea houses, but I had never seen a tea room get it so right.  It was a Friday afternoon and we had taken our dear friend out to Tea at the Lowell hotel in Manhattan.  New places on an important day are always a gamble, we have had experiences where the service, tea, and food were far below expectation and redemption teas were to be had.  But this, this was one of the best.

Here, there were buttoned coats with the cursive L on the lapel, hot water for “topping up” with the teas (finally), and evidence of true training – the pouring was perfect, the fingers holding the lid in place mid-pour, the service over the right shoulder – bliss.  It was easy to respect the staff at the Lowell.  The manager of the tea room joined us for a bit and was happy to tell us all about the china and the history of the teas.  You could hear the passion in how voice, that he had studied deeply in this topic and was proud of his position and of his tea room.  Silverware custom made in Canada, first flush Darjeeling (that he thought we just had to taste, and so prepared a sample for us ) and complimentary pink champagne (because apparently we were incredibly charming)!  I was so impressed and honored to have been served by such remarkable service people.

It was so nice to see the glory that is people who know what they’re doing.  Thank you.


8 thoughts on “People who know what they’re doing.

  1. Isn’t it always a pleasure when you can appreciate the work of others? I was one of “those” girls that chose to do tea at the St. Regis instead of have a Sweet 16. I’ve been one of “those” ever since and your clear recommendation has me booking a recommendation as soon as I finish typing this!

  2. I am glad that you enjoyed the experience so much, and it was fun to imagine what it would have been like through reading your detailed description.

  3. Now that sounds like quiet the tea room. I love how you appreciate the details and magic of such a place. While for me it is usually a quaint tea house in Fishkill, I will put this one on my list…and I know just who I want to come with me!

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