Love at first sight…

Pinkie Up Kate Spade Boxes

I’ve been in hiding for the past few… several… months.  But the truth is that there are just too many cute and adorable girly things out there that NEED to be shared.  Case and point – these Kate Spade nesting boxes.  I know.  I pretty much peed my pants at A.I .Friedman when I stumbled up these.  Well, I first did a really cool, calm and collected sideways stare as I walked past them, trying not to squeal out loud.  I casually picked up a package of Sharpies and then speed walked/tripped over to them.  There was some caressing.  There were some tears in the eyes.  It was love at first sight.

Lucky for you they are still available one Kate’s site!  What will you put in yours?

Kate Spade Storage Box Set, hair Twist Scarf, 21CenturyClothing “More Issues Than Vogue” Sweatshirt


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