a calligraphy party

calligraphy party

Today a few friends and I got together for a little calligraphy party.  We had decided a month ago that we would sign up for Melissa Esplin’s online calligraphy workshop.  After a few weeks of individual practice, we were excited to test out our new (and very amateur) skills on some envelopes, card stock and anything else we had lying around.

calligraphy party

Before the girls arrived I covered a standard folding table in matte white wrapping paper.  Then, I cut some pink poster board into 14″ squares and loop taped them to each spot to anchor each calligrapher’s work station.  Then, I layered on notebooks, papers and name tags for the finishing touches.

calligraphy party

calligraphy party

When everyone arrived we sat down and laughed our way through ink drips, surprisingly cute results and a smudge or two.  In the end everyone had addressed three envelopes, dabbled in gold ink and practiced those tricky letters (especially that roller-coaster H!).

calligraphy party

calligraphy party

calligraphy party

By the end we were quite exhausted; it takes SO much concentration to get the letters consistent.  After some serious focus we got a little silly, and messy.  We would all recommend Melissa’s course and kit.  It includes videos and images that are extremely helpful.  Also, you can send pictures of your calligraphy to her and she will let you know what to work on.  So cool!  Of course, we would also recommend a fabulous party to celebrate your efforts.  Happy dipping and drawing!

calligraphy party



Rosy Coupes for sparkling cider or champy BHLDN, Melissa Esplin’s Calligraphy set from Paper Ink Arts, Cardstock and Mini Envelopes from Paper Presentation.


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